What to wear with a fluffy skirt

This kind of product has driven many fashionistas crazy. Fluffy skirts, regardless of the material, look good on girls of different builds. Main – focus on the waist so that the overall look does not turn out to be too voluminous. The fit depends on the figure. It should be placed directly at the waist if the hips are wide enough, just below – for women with a boyish figure. You should not choose very voluminous products if the shoulders are narrow – it will be overly emphasized, but for wide shoulders it is ideal, because it will balance the figure.

What to wear with a fluffy skirt – best combinations

The most daring trend of this year is the fluffy tulle skirt. She is also called the "ballet tutu", because she really looks like her. Why is she so attractive? She looks incredibly light, and the girl in her becomes not only feminine, but fragile and tender.

And this is despite the fact that the tulle product is combined with things that are more rough in appearance. First of all, such a skirt harmoniously looks with light and light T-shirts and T-shirts, blouses, and you can wear a short jacket on top. Footwear – ballet shoes or elegant shoes. In addition, a clutch is suitable.

This look is cute and lovely, but a bit boring for some fashionistas. Therefore, you can safely combine a tulle product with sneakers and leather jackets, bright tops – it all looks bright and no less cute. It is worth remembering the optimal combination of colors.

Short puffy skirts require a closed top, so that the image is not frivolous, and beautiful, slender legs. Although most often they are worn with a tight-fitting top, the trend is also interesting when a short puffy skirt is worn with a coarse and long non-fitted sweater. Denim shirts contrast well with delicate skirts, creating an unusual look.

Jackets under outerwear should be worn shortened, or to the middle of the thigh, fitted in silhouette. Short fluffy dresses can be combined with a long jacket or cardigan.

Mid-length pieces are the most versatile. With their help, a completely everyday look is created. By replacing only the top or adding accessories, the outfit is already becoming evening.

A fluffy midi skirt looks great with blouses, golfs, sweaters and crop tops – with whatever your heart desires. Main – the ratio of colors and the optimal choice of shoes. You can choose a sporty or classic one, and shortened jackets - leather jackets or Chanel-style jackets are ideal for outerwear.

We should also consider long fluffy skirts – they look the most feminine. Not only fitted, but also slightly loose things are suitable for them, you just need to highlight the waist. Cropped tops look rather modest and restrained with such wardrobe items.

Shirts are also appropriate. Shoes are most often optimally selected with heels, boots - stockings will be comfortable and attractive in this way. From outerwear, you can use jackets of medium length. A fluffy floor-length skirt will be an excellent wardrobe item, turning any woman into an elegant, sophisticated lady.