What to wear for the New Year

Every woman wants to sparkle at the New Year's party, to be the brightest and most attractive. It is for such a case that outfits with sequins are suitable, but the main thing here is not to overdo it and not look like a Christmas tree. We have selected several options for a stylish outfit for the New Year.

First, check out the sparkly skirts! This piece of clothing is perfect for the holidays. A skirt embroidered with sequins will make even the simplest outfit original. Such a skirt can become the base item for many looks. For example, you can wear a dark top, add leather and metal accessories, and “Voila!” - You are a rock and roll star. And if you match the skirt with the same shiny top and a fashionable clutch to match the outfit, you will get a complete look for a party.

The second detail of the wardrobe is a shining jumper. This jumper is versatile and will suit both a skirt and jeans. The image can be complemented by a piece of jewelry - a long pendant with a pendant. Also boots if you wear a skirt and ankle boots if you wear jeans.

A sparkling dress is a reason not only to loudly declare yourself at the New Year's party, but also to show off your beautiful legs. This dress does not need additional accessories. It is very bright in itself, but it is worth picking up a clutch and the right shoes for it, then you will be on top!

Another option for more discreet ladies is a sparkly blazer. This piece of clothing will be best combined with a white blouse or T-shirt and black leather trousers. 

The most affordable way to look brilliant at a party is to wear a sequin top. Such a thing can be beaten in different ways. But such a top will look win-win with a jacket, boyfriend jeans and pumps. Unlike the dress, the top is very comfortable. It can be worn for a walk, a meeting, work (if the dress code allows), etc.

Shiny trousers will suit the most daring fashionistas. They should be paired with a neutral top. You can choose a sweatshirt and slip-ons. Such an image will look sporty. Very practical and stylish.

And finally, a few tips. What is there to hide? Shiny things visually make you fat and will suit only slender girls. It is better not to emphasize problematic parts of the body with sparkling clothes, it is better to get by with some accessories. If you are a happy owner of a good figure, then you can turn on your imagination and create, but in moderation! Pair sequins with neutral matte clothing, complement with stylish details and you will look your best at the New Year's party!

Author: Inna Bandylyuk