What skirts to wear this summer

A skirt is the most favorite and popular thing among women in the summer. Dresses and sundresses should be sacrificed, because the skirt has one big advantage - this is that you can combine completely different tops with it and create categorically new images. The skirt always looks very feminine and can beautifully emphasize slender legs. But what skirts should be worn this summer to look trendy?

Forget about extreme mini skirts that need to be constantly tight. Now we need to focus not on sexuality, but on elegance. This season, the skirt should be light, comfortable and not restrict movement. Pay attention to the pleated skirt long just below the knee. Such a model sparkled with new colors this year - the bored metallic was replaced by a playful leopard print, romantic retro-style polka dots and a monochrome stripe. Plain pleated skirts don't look so interesting this summer - choose a bright option for yourself!

Denim is a trend that will probably never go out of style. Denim jackets, shirts and pants are an integral part of every girl's everyday wardrobe. And what about skirts? This year, denim skirts have experienced a real renaissance. And the dashing 90s are to blame for everything, from where the fashion for a denim skirt came from. The most relevant are A-line models with buttons, frills or zippers. Wear this skirt with white sneakers or sneakers, bright sandals on the platform. complete the look with a T-shirt and a backpack - a stylish street look is ready!

Light, flying and delicate floral print skirts are another must-have for summer 2017. Models made of linen, cotton, silk and chiffon with chic buds of roses, peonies or democratic daisies scattered on the fabric will fit into your business like never before and evening wardrobe and will decorate any image. For the office, choose a more strict top in the form of a silk top, complementing the look with classic stiletto pumps, and for going out, a lace one is suitable bodysuit and high-heeled sandals.

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