What is boho style?

If you are fed up with the glamor that everyone adores and you just "sleep and see" change it for a fashionable, interesting and unique style of clothing, there is a way out! Not so long ago, boho style has become very popular. What is it?! Now let's go over the main points. The boho chic style arose as a counterbalance to glamour. It includes a mix of ethnic and national motifs, hippie and gypsy accents, gothic and grunge. All the mystery of the boho style – in combining incompatible things: shoes with delicate dresses, lace and scarves, in layering and combining a variety of fabrics, patterns on it and textures. Boho style harmoniously combines lace and leather, flannel and suede, fringed velvet, wool, knitwear and sparkling stones.

It all fades into the background. Priority – convenience and comfort of things, the most important thing is that when dressing, you feel comfortable and confident in yourself.
There is a desire to try, but there is no idea what and with what to combine? A few fail-safe looks:

1. Combine a wide tee with a bright graphic pattern with a vest and sandals – gladiators, complementing the look with high-waisted shorts.
2. Mix skinny cropped jeans with a loose knitted sweater, adding details to the look, such as a hippie-style headband and boots of the same plan.

3. If the moment calls for a more romantic look, no problem! Choose a floor-length dress in a duet with low-cut sandals, and, of course, big bright jewelry.
4. Be sure to add a must-have item to your look this season – gladiator sandals. Combine them with anything. Dresses, shorts, skinny jeans are all great.
5. Vest – essential element of boho style. Sleeveless jackets are not interchangeable and are almost universal. Wear a contrasting suede tank top with fringes over a tunic dress, and don't forget about knee-high boots.

6. Any boho-inspired look will be perfectly completed with a voluminous snood scarf with a bright print. And it doesn't matter if you tie it around your neck, or around your waist, or decorate a bag with it.

Experiment! Plenty of options! The main thing is that you feel comfortable