What is a harness and how to wear it?

Recently, you can often see a new, rather unusual accessory on girls. Over dresses, turtlenecks and straight-cut sweaters, young ladies wear carved leather belts, delicately and harmoniously interconnected. What's this? You will find the answer, and at the same time learn about the new trend by reading the article.
Harness (French porte-épée – “wear a sword”) – part of military equipment, ligature in the form of belts for carrying weapons during battle.

Initially, it was customary to wear edged weapons on a harness thrown over the shoulder, a little later there were bandages for carrying firearms, and here a holster was added to the belts. From this it turns out that, harness – a purely male accessory from the military style. It is not entirely clear why he is so rapidly gaining popularity in the weak part of humanity. Yet, according to stylists, the main reason is that women have been "borrowing" for many years. men have accessories.

Secondly, girls are so fond of adding a few drops of masculinity to their image, and the harness is exactly what has a purely masculine character.
Beautifully intertwined strips of leather in duet with metal rings and other accessories look quite unusual.

But still, this element of clothing can be worn in everyday life. The most logical and easiest way to wear a harness – over a feminine dress. Of course, it is best if this dress is sheath. Wearing a harness over a shirt – Another win-win option to freshen up a rustic office look. Contrasting belts, brought to the fore and becoming the center of the composition, look beautiful and unusual.

If you choose a belt to match the clothes, it will not really stand out and will only be a continuation of the lines of the dress. You can also take a harness in basic colors – beige, gray, brown – and pick up shoes to match.
This novelty quickly conquers the fashionable Olympus, but this is not strange, for a long time I want to refresh the image with something unusual. Try it, maybe for your image this will become a harness?