What are Chelsea boots?

With the arrival of autumn, every woman is looking for a compromise between comfort and style. On the one hand, you want to hide in voluminous, warm clothes and wait for spring, and on the other hand, you need to look good, regardless of the autumn blues and rainy weather. Chelsea boots are a good alternative to keep your feet warm and create a good look even in rainy weather.

Chelsea Boots — these are such simple leather (suede or other dense material) boots without laces, but with an elastic insert on the side, and which is very convenient in autumn, on a low flat sole.

They have recently come into fashion, and now such a model of shoes can be easily found in almost every collection of shoe brands, and in any shoe store. Looking at the simplicity of these shoes, you need to understand what they look good with and what not. So, it is better not to combine Chelsea boots with wide or flared trousers, with almost all types of classic dresses, and of course, with evening, cocktail dresses, and do not wear boots with nylon tights, so that the legs are open, this is not beautiful.

You can wear these versatile boots with just about anything, but there are a few rules to keep in mind. Accordingly, it is better to choose tight jeans, leggings, tight tights that do not show through the legs. If the jeans are long, then it is better to roll them up.

Such boots can be worn with socks. When choosing, start from the style of the boots. Feel free to add a hat in classic colors to your look with Chelsea boots, and your look is guaranteed to look very stylish and elegant! The perfect duo of chelsea boots is a masculine or oversized style coat.

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