What are bras?

In the already distant 1914, on September 3, American Mary Phelps Jacob received a patent for the invention of a bra. Her product consisted of a pair of handkerchiefs and ribbons, but since then many models have been created that differ in shape, type and even purpose.

Breasts need support

Are you choosing the right bra?

In view of the variety of underwear models, choosing a bra becomes not an easy task. In addition to aesthetic preferences, there are a number of subtleties that every woman knows. When choosing a style, it is necessary to take into account the size, shape of the chest and, of course, the clothes under which you plan to wear it.

If you are the owner of a magnificent bust, you should opt for a classic model. A classic, a classic for a reason! Wide straps, maximum closed cup, comfortable clasp provide better support. For women with small breasts, the Balconet models can be recommended. and others. If you think that your breasts do not have enough volume, or you want to correct the shape, bras with shaping cups will help.

Among the variety of modern bras, 12 main models can still be clearly distinguished.