Victoria's Secret - so what's the secret?

The name of the world-famous, and most importantly, affordable brand Victoria's Secret (Victoria's Secret) is quite easy to translate and understand. But what is Victoria's secret really? Is there a feature in this advertised brand? Victoria's Secret is an American brand of women's clothing, lingerie, swimwear, accessories and cosmetics. Victoria's Secret lingerie and swimwear collections are the most popular and in demand. The company has set itself a rather serious task, namely, to reveal self-confidence in a woman, get more courage, and increase self-esteem.

The outfits for the delicate, but still sexy, fragile and mysterious half of humanity combine comfort and playfulness, defiant American ambition and European restraint, and thanks to this, together they defined a unique style. A woman who chooses such lingerie – beautiful, bright, free, liberated and, of course, modern. The first small shop was opened in 1977, Victoria's Secret lingerie was a resounding success, mainly due to the atmosphere created in the sales area.

The excellent interior and furnishings encouraged communication between sales assistants and buyers, and this helped a calm choice and did not distract. Over time, the brand figured out how to give the brand even more glamor and popularity. Victoria's Secret uses impressions to advertise even more and sell their products even faster. Some of the most popular models in the world take part in the show.

In its more than twenty years of history, Victoria's Secret lingerie shows have become an unprecedented show with incredible costumes and scenery, performances by stars and the most beautiful and expensive models in the world, who, thanks to their participation in the shows, received the status of "angels" . The show took place in all fashion capitals, including New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Cannes.