Vests for women 2015

Every woman wants to have some special thing in her wardrobe, a zest, so to speak. So why can't a fashionable vest become such a thing, because this year it has turned from a necessity into a real trend. If the trend of the fashion wave has carried you along, consider the main trends in fashionable women's vests.

Fashion vests for women and their main styles

Designers this year distinguished themselves by a variety of stylistic solutions, not limiting themselves to strict rules and limits. 

The first vest trend of this year can be called clear, somewhat rough male forms. As a rule, such vests are made of high-quality velvet and leather with all kinds of sequins, beads and stones. Even the classic and discreet option in the choice of colors was not deprived. Classic and light white blouses, as well as high-waisted skirts and simple-cut trousers, go well with such vests.

Leather can be given a separate place this season, as it clearly claims leadership. All kinds of vests with side locks, with the presence of metal spikes and other iron elements are full of on the catwalks of the latest collections, making a compliment towards the biker theme.

It is impossible to ignore the cowboy-themed vests that have been popular in recent years, made mainly of leather and suede, but there are also fabric ones. These vests look great with denim pants, shorts and plain t-shirts.

Vests in a very wide range are represented by denine. They can be called retro 80 in a modern interpretation. The title of must have of the season goes to denim vests. If you haven't got such a charm yet, then run to the store.

A place of honor among fashionable vests for women, this year is occupied by fur vests. Classics, wealth and luxury in one bottle. Probably not a single season has done without fur coats and fur vests, so why should this year be an exception? Women's fur vests have always indicated the material well-being of the hostess. Designers this year gave preference to vests with long-haired fur.

Another trend that has affected vests as well is large knitting. Insanely stylish, with elongated and angular collars, vests are a great option for autumn and spring, and the right accessories will do the trick.

In order to keep up with fashion, it is not necessary to buy all the novelties of the season. It is enough to decide which stylistic line is close and more suitable for you.