Ultraviolet is the main color of 2018!

Pantone named bright purple as the most fashionable color. And this is in the year of the yellow dog!

But the executive director of the company, Leatrice Eisman, explained her choice as follows: "Ultra Violet – it is a mixture of calm blue and passionate red shades, which perfectly reflects the events taking place in the world in general and with each person in particular. It embodies originality and ingenuity, at the same time bewitching and intriguing. In addition, the ultraviolet color, so unexpected and sometimes harsh, can become a symbol of change for the better».

Well, let's wait – we'll see!

For us, fashionistas, the main thing is to understand how to apply such an unexpected decision in our lives and how to properly combine ultraviolet with other colors so as not to look like a parrot. We will talk about this further...

But first, let's figure out what the Ultra Violet  shade has and how designers, psychologists and other experts interpret it.

UV value

At the mere sight of ultraviolet color, some unearthly thoughts come to mind. And no wonder, because this unusual shade has long been associated with cosmic secrets, mystical power and magical knowledge. But in the modern interpretation, it also symbolizes originality, drama, provocativeness, relevance and spirituality.  And according to psychologists, the presence of ultraviolet color in a person's life will help to find peace and self-confidence, achieve prosperity in business and even move forward on the path to the pinnacle of or power.

In an official statement, Pantone describes Ultra Violet as an enigmatic and profound purple hue that evokes the spirit of invention and imagination capable of challenging the status quo and not accepting the rules of conservatism. It is not for nothing that the purple color has always been in the center of attention of extraordinary personalities and rebels.

Many consider purple to be too complex, rich and provocative,  for some, it is associated with sadness and seriousness, they are treated with distrust and even fear. Although street fashion chronicles prove otherwise – ultraviolet, even in small doses, can make the image brighter, deeper and more eccentric.

What to combine ultraviolet with?

Remember: if you do not want to stand out from the crowd, then ultraviolet – this is not your color. If, on the contrary, you are bold in life, love experiments and increased attention to your person, wear ultraviolet for health, just combine it correctly with other shades from the Pantone palette. And do not be afraid of the proposed options for color combinations, because Panton has been conducting research since 1962 and determining the taste preferences of not only fashionable bohemia, but also ordinary people, like you and me. Therefore, let's trust the choice of Pantone, as we trust the Chinese horoscope.


Of course, you can dress in all the suggested colors at once, or you can add just a small detail in Ultra Violet color to the image: a hat, cap, gloves, shoes or jewelry, and thereby make your outfit unusual, bright and memorable. But if you still want to create a total purple monochrome look, then choose more delicate purple shades: lilac or lavender.

If you want to find more interesting combinations, then refer to the Pantone color palette. There are red, and blue, and blue, and green, and all their shades. And all of them are very, very harmoniously combined with ultraviolet.

But if you are not yet ready for such radical steps, we suggest you pay attention to jewelry, shoes and handbags in purple. Of the precious stones, those who want to join the trend should look towards amethyst, tanzanite, iolite, spinel and purple sapphires. In combination with gold or other precious metals, these purple stones look very natural and luxurious.

Modern style rules no longer oblige us to choose a handbag to match the color of the shoes. Therefore, even in the case of ultraviolet light, the presence of a pair of purple shoes or a bag in the image is sufficient.

Keep in mind that the fashion for Ultra Violet  has also reached the world of beauty. And this year purple make-ap, manicure and even balayage will be more fashionable than ever. Use it!

But remember, with the Ultra Violet tone, as with ultraviolet radiation, you have to be careful: it beautiful, unique, we cannot imagine life without it, but if there is too much of it, it can destroy us . Therefore, it is better to trust your mind and be guided by a sense of proportion in the preparation of fashionable ultraviolet images. And for this, catch our selection of clothes, shoes and accessories in the main color of the year!


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