Trendy bustier top or crop top

When it's plus thirty on the thermometer, the sun doesn't even think of hiding behind the clouds, since there are basically no clouds, and you can't see the sea and coolness on the horizon, but at the same time you want to wear something more interesting than short shorts and a T-shirt, and do not mate, there is a way out! Increasingly, on the shelves of fashion boutiques, you can see short tops with shaping cups, like a bra. What's this? And this is a trendy bustier top, it is also called a crop top.

By and large, this is nothing more than a transformation of ordinary lingerie, so it is better not to use a bustier as an independent unit to an office or more business look. Bustier top – it is a top not below the navel, with a shaped cup for the bust, with or without straps. Lock or rivets are possible both at the front and at the back. Quite conditionally, such tops can be divided into several types: lace, from fabric with a floral or animal print, and from denim under jeans.

A lace bustier is most reminiscent of lingerie, so it is recommended to put on a light cardigan or jacket over the top so as not to step over from a light and romantic look to loose and vulgar. Animal and floral print crop tops are the most popular because they look more casual and can be paired with both jeans and a pencil skirt. The most interesting bows look from a bustier top and high-waisted denim shorts. This ultra-fashionable little thing will emphasize all your advantages: a good abs, a thin waist and make your chest even more expressive.

Remember that a bustier top – the thing is very open, soberly evaluate your figure! It is better to choose such things for fragile girls, with a sports figure. It is also important to remember about the choice of accessories to complete this look. It is better to choose a massive necklace or bracelet, as not a big cross or a small pearl will simply be lost.