Translucent clothes made of mesh and tulle

What could be more tender, feminine and sexy than a graceful girl in weightless clothes made of translucent fabric And it doesn't matter what it will be: a dress, a blouse, a top or a tunic. Light mesh or tulle, from which such products are sewn, are simply created for the fairer sex, for their beauty and in order to attract the attention of men and captivate their hearts with half-covered charms of ladies.

At the same time, it is important to remember that translucent things are not suitable for use in everyday life and for creating business images, because their piquancy, sexuality and frankness will only interfere with work and while solving everyday issues.  then to wear and with what to combine a translucent top or blouse, so as not to be considered too frank, even vulgar, and at the same time not demonstrate anything superfluous to everyone around you?

Light items made of translucent fabric, as already mentioned, are best used to create evening and romantic images, and even then, provided that a jacket, cardigan or light trench coat is thrown over a tulle blouse or dress, or under the bottom will be provided with a dense lining. Therefore, if you go to a restaurant or to meet a young man, you can put on an outfit of a skirt or trousers in a laconic design and a translucent blouse  Another object for male fantasy. The same applies to tulle dresses: under such an outfit, if it does not have a lining, you need to wear an opaque combination or laconic underwear.

If you don't want to burden your image with unnecessary details and elements or put a thick lining in the form of a top under your blouse, then opt for a closed bra in a minimalist design that is not burdened with decor. This approach is relevant for black translucent tops and blouses, which in themselves are quite self-sufficient and at the same time very effective in appearance. Classic dark-colored trousers and beige pumps are perfect for this outfit.

A necessary condition for the competent use of translucent things made of tulle or mesh is a competent color combination, especially in the case of delicate colors. For example, it is desirable to add a bright stain, which can be used as a skirt - a pencil to match the blouse or tapered trousers in a pastel shade. This is necessary to avoid oversaturation of the color.

Air weightless clothing made of tulle or mesh – this is probably  the most successful example of women's clothing, which excites and excites men's hearts, makes a woman sexy, desirable and at the same time sophisticated and gentle. Fortunately, the range of translucent blouses, shirts, tunics, dresses and sundresses is now quite extensive, and every fashionista is given the choice of the perfect outfit for her. The main thing is to combine such things correctly and be fashionable!

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