Top 10 colors for spring-summer 2016

The main color of spring and summer 2015 in Pantone was called the floral and romantic "Rose Quartz". According to CEO Liatrice Eisman, this color is versatile and will suit both women and men.

But, of course, the 2016 fashion season is not limited to one color. As a pair for pink, experts recommend the shade "serenitis" (pale lavender). Shades of blue convey an atmosphere of relaxation, which is very necessary in the active rhythm of modernity.

The combination of these two colors gives a surprisingly light pre-dawn haze effect.

Also in the palette of the new season there are bright shades: "peach", "red fiesta", "green beam", "buttercup", "deep blue", "gray lilac" and "iced coffee".

All the colors are perfectly combined with each other.

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