The waist bag is back in style!

Remember, in the nineties, they often wore bags on their belts? They kept money and everything most important and valuable, so that it was closer to the body. It seemed that in this design, these bags will never return to fashion, and we will never see them on the streets of cities on every fifth young man, and every tenth girl. But as they say: "What fashion doesn't joke with)))". And so it happened. The waist bag got a second wind!

If it seems to you that this is a purely masculine part of the wardrobe, it is rough and not at all feminine, I hasten to convince you. In the summer, these bags got a second wind, and ended up on the fashion Olympus thanks to design solutions this year. Today it is actually a fashionable and very relevant thing. Plus, one more argument in favor of the – this is what, it is in it that fashion and comfort are combined, which makes it undoubtedly a profitable and practical purchase. Another no less important point is that in summer and autumn a belt bag is exactly the thing that will easily keep you in a positive company in any active adventures.

It will be simply indispensable at the concert of your favorite star, allowing you to jump, clap, and dance with your friends, without restricting your movements and without causing unnecessary thoughts about where to put your bag; will become the best assistant on a run – put an MP3 player in it and go to meet an active day; will be irreplaceable on a walk with a bicycle - you will put everything you need on the road and leave your hands free. A belt bag will look great with a loose-fitting dress. It will be good if you fasten it more tightly, and this will emphasize the waistline, and when lowered to the hips, create a lighter image.

Great company for a belt bag – crop top. If a pumped-up press and a thin waist are your case, feel free to emphasize this with a stylish waist bag and a heavily cropped top. In general, take a closer look at the fresh ideas of designers, almost every fashion house has released a small bag that is attached to the waist and looks interesting and fresh in a new way.