The most desired cosmetics of all women - MAC

It doesn't matter how old you are or whether you use makeup at all, you've always wanted to get that pretty lipstick from MAC. 



Almost all women know about this famous brand. The Canadian brand of cosmetics appeared in 1984, when the first part of the movie "Terminator" was released. and the first Apple Macintoch went on sale. It was a very significant year in the world of technology, art, fashion and beauty. The brand was founded by makeup artist and photographer Frank Toscan and beauty salon owner Frank Angelo. These creative personalities could not accept what was offered on the cosmetics market at that time. A negligible choice of colors and shades required urgent changes. And the men decided to create a new, completely different line of cosmetics - Make-up Arts Cosmetics (MAC), the purpose of which was to satisfy the desires of professional makeup artists, photographers and models. At first, Frank Tuscan and Frank Angelo made cosmetics at home and sold in their beauty salon, but the rumors about the products spread so quickly that soon the men had to officially launch their own line. Cosmetics were sold on a small shelf in a department store in Toronto. Then no one could even imagine what the future holds for their homemade cosmetics. 



While other beauty brands were working to reshape their formulas and textures, MAC created bold and varied shades. The first significant development of the brand was the matte lipstick “Russian Red”, which was later used in a photo shoot with Madonna. Then the spontaneous popularity of MAC cosmetics began. 



By connecting their connections and acquaintances, Frank Tuscan and Frank Angelo started collaborating with the stars. And not only women of perfect appearance. Their concept was: "Our cosmetics for all races, ages and even genders." Therefore, in MAC ads, you can see a man advertising lip gloss or a 90-year-old grandmother "in parade".


This brand differed from others in almost everything - when cosmetics stores invested in advertising, gave discounts and gifts to customers, MAC engaged in professional training of their employees - organized trainings, education effective sales. Now MAC cosmetics are the most recognizable in the whole world. The company constantly releases new original collections. MAC cosmetics are loved by many Hollywood stars. Kim Kardashian herself was spotted in one of the brand's stores. 



Many critics complain about the high cost of this brand, but how can you exchange quality for a cheap price?