The most current models of evening dresses

So that after the New Year holidays your evening dress does not turn out to be unnecessary and irrelevant, choose an outfit that can be worn for several seasons and attend the most exclusive parties and events. But finding a dress that will remain relevant at any time is not so easy. Of course, a simple office dress decorated with jewelry and other details and accessories is also suitable for a New Year's corporate party. But the ideal evening dress should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable: it should not hinder movements and be tight for its owner. You need to choose a dress in which it will be comfortable to sit and dance, and for a long time.

Especially for the holidays and the party season, we offer you tips on choosing an evening dress that will not remain hanging in the closet as a luxurious reminder of the past and fleeting fun, but will become a favorite for future appearances.

 Lace and pastels

Evening dress in pastel colors made of lace material or decorated with lace inserts – This dress dream of every girl. It emphasizes youth, embodies romance and is suitable for girls who are ready to keep the brand even on the most solemn occasions and compare favorably with the rest of the guests of the party, hooked on Olivier and raging to the frantic sounds of the disco. After all, by the standards of a real lady, only a delicate outfit, and not unbridled fun, will help you plunge into the holidays with your head. And if it is also in pastel colors that evoke a feeling of purity and light, then its owner will appear not just romantic, but gentle and airy.


Glitter, which entered the trend in 2016, remains relevant even now. He is loved by everyone who is used to living to the fullest. It can be a dress with shimmer and sequins, similar to the creations of the night itself, with sequins or rhinestones, similar to confetti.

Little black dress

This outfit will probably never go out of style. From season to season, it is considered the most elegant & nbsp; and as if created for special celebrations. This win-win option is useful in any environment where you need to look stylish and beautiful. And if the dress is also decorated with embroidery or rhinestones, then it is the best fit for celebrating all night long.


When looking at dresses in retro style, one imagines those times when women still wore gloves and hats with veils, and the holidays were to the sound of a gramophone, with a whole pile of fur coats in the hallway, to the sound of heels and with happy faces, reflected in the nostalgic edging of the family service. Such outfits allow you to return to the past and become a supermodel at a psychedelic party or the bride of a country musician 60s, imposingly waiting for her idol in a luxurious lobby on a white leather sofa. These associations evoke playful and cute dresses fitted silhouette, decorated with floral patterns, in pink and gold tones or light shades, match for a gentle and romantic, but self-aware person.

No matter how the evening dresses differ in color, texture and mood, they all perform the same task – reduce pathos even without classical monumental decorations and decor. And they can be given chic and brilliance according to their mood due to accessories and accents, as an ingredient for a signature dish.

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