T-shirt - "alcoholic" - fashionable or primitive?

We can talk about what a basic wardrobe for a woman is for a long time, but all stylists unanimously agree on some definitions. Firstly, this is what absolutely any woman needs to have it, and secondly, that it must necessarily include an "alcoholic" T-shirt. "Alcoholic" — this is a tank top with fairly large floodplains and a cutout in the front. It so happened historically that such T-shirts were nothing more than a variant of men's and women's underwear.

Ideally, this is a completely white simple knitted T-shirt, without decor and patterns. Of course, in the modern interpretation, the T-shirt has received some changes, and can easily be presented in any color, with absolutely any pattern. Even slight changes in the cut are possible: elongated, shortened, flared or T-shirt under the "wrestling".

The unequivocal plus of such a T-shirt is that it looks very simple, but at the same time quite sexy, giving way to the beauty of the body over the brightness of clothes. A simple and absolutely unpretentious form allows you to open for all to see the male muscles and female charms.

Mostly, girls wear "alcoholic" without a bra. Actors such as Marlon Brando and James Dean made this thing famous in the West, at the same time it became an indispensable attribute of sex symbols. After a while, Giorgio Armani made a statement that the white T-shirt is the alpha and omega of the fashion alphabet. Kate Moss, as it turned out, absolutely agreed with him.

After all, she combined a T-shirt with anything! Thanks to her, thoughtful carelessness has become synonymous with good taste.
White T-shirt - "alcoholic" combine with strict jackets, with jeans, and of course with absolutely all sports items.

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