Summer trend - flash tattoo

Fashion does not stand still, fashionistas from all over the world give it a strong and confident impetus, who every day want to look more attractive, more interesting and, of course, be unlike anyone else. In "move" there are all kinds of fashion trends, novelties, accessories, clothes, jewelry. But this, unfortunately, no longer surprises anyone. After all, designer items and accessories are not produced in a single copy, and such embarrassment often happens when stars come to an event in the same outfits. It follows from this that one of the main tasks of any girl who looks after herself, fashion, and fashion trends – is self-expression. It is a purely personal matter of everyone how to do it, but from year to year there are little tricks that someone accepts, and someone categorically rejects. Remember the earrings in the navel, and the rhinestone on the tooth, and the fashionable last year, hair coloring amber, remember? So, the summer season has prepared another novelty. This "got sick" world-famous singers and actors, boys and girls around the world. New trend – flash tattoo.

This is a transferable, temporary tattoo that imitates the brilliance of gold or silver and is applied in the form of jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, less often inscriptions and small drawings. The tattoo is stable in water and in the sun, lasts about a week.

This unique decoration on the body gives a feeling of specialness and uniqueness, it's like a tattoo on the body, in which you have put some meaning, only for a short time, you will not have time to get bored with it. The most popular are flash tattoos in the form of gold bracelets on the wrists, gold chains on the neck, silver or gold rings on the fingers and toes.

These designs look even more stylish when paired with real jewelry in the same style, such as gold-colored watches, or additional bracelets. Pictures on the body in metallic colors will perfectly decorate tanned or swarthy skin, will become an amazing accent on the beach when you only wear a swimsuit from clothes.
Whatever you choose, the main thing is to reveal your true essence, prove yourself, because this is the main task of a flash tattoo.