Stylish and ancient decoration - teak

Spring dictates its own rules! With her arrival, everything becomes brighter, more interesting and more beautiful. After a cold winter, you want to take off your jackets and hats and shine in colorful, unusual outfits. For several seasons in a row, many designers have been focusing on the fact that the most important accessories in the image are hair accessories. And not in vain! After all, hair is a natural beauty given to a woman, it doesn’t take much to make the image complete and mysterious.
Today I propose to recall a hair ornament called tika.

In the old days, it was worn by Indian women, but today this decoration has acquired fresh accents and has become very popular with our compatriots. So what is tika? This is a chain that closes the parting between the hair with a pendant in the center hanging on the forehead.

Many world stars are happy to use a fashion accessory in all sorts of variations. I suggest you, dear girls, add mystery and unusualness to your image. And it's up to you to decide what teak to wear: bright in stones and rhinestones or casual with thin chains. Be irresistible!