Spring trends for women's trousers in 2015

The next season, spring 2015, brings rich and pure colors that blend wonderfully with the nature that comes alive around. Juiciness and a large number of colors presented this year will be seen in all the variety of fashionable women's trousers.

Bold design decisions

Designers will demonstrate frivolity and even some irony in the new models of women's trousers presented for the new season -https://garne.com.ua/list/ woman/clothes/sub=3. Characteristic colors are yellowish green (lime), pale blue, emerald (mint shades) and various floral shades.

Women's trousers, with prints that have taken root last year, will not leave us either, only in the new season they take on clearer shapes, contrast and larger sizes. This option will fit perfectly on slender and long-legged women. But the colors in the form of a cell of a bright palette or a uniform pattern of the same type are quite suitable for girls with any figure.

One of the exciting takeaways from the 2015 trend is the wide-leg pants. Volumetric, which in silhouette are somewhat reminiscent of a skirt – these pants can quite favorably represent the figure of any woman.

In the upcoming season, products made of transparent material and lace fabric will also not lose their sharpness. If you don’t look closely, then such lace trousers will seem like a skirt, but this is only at first glance.

Materials, finishes, style – the elegance of women's trousers in the new season

At the heart of 2015, of course, are light flowing fabrics such as chiffon, silk, viscose and knitwear. Such materials make it possible to create an excellent drapery effect and look good in motion. In general, various folds on the belt, sewn stripes and dedicated patch pockets will be widely used in the decoration. In addition, many models of denim trousers will be complemented by original prints and rhinestones.

Pay attention to the pants that will be the trend of the next season:

 - Skinny trousers-pipes;

 - Breeches, expanding to the hips;

 - Sports models and leggings;

 - Leather, woolen trousers, as well as from velveteen and velor;

 - Guipure transparent trousers;

 - Products with a checkered or striped pattern.

The designer's recommendation for next season will be the advice that women's trousers are best worn in combination with classic tops and jackets, which slightly balance the immodestness of a bright look. This way of mixing styles is one of the most popular today.

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