Small black dress

The little black dress is a thing that will never go out of fashion. A wardrobe staple that goes with almost everything and is a lifesaver for all occasions. And how many different looks can you come up with with a little black dress?! Every girl should have this dress in her closet. 

And it appeared back in 1926 from the hand of the unsurpassed Coco Chanel. Until then, a black dress was considered mourning clothing, but the talented Coco turned the fashion world upside down. Her dress was below the knees, as the designer considered the knees to be the ugliest part of the female body, had a round neck, long narrow sleeves and no frills. At that time, almost every woman could buy such a dress for herself, because it can be complemented with different accessories and look different every time. 

One of the most famous Chanel-inspired dresses is the Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepbren in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  

Today, the little black dress has a lot of variations - it can be above the knee, loose or fitted, have a different type of neckline, different sleeve length and additional details in the form of lace, layered skirt, decorative embellishments, etc. In general, today it will not be difficult to choose a little black dress, taking into account the subtlety of your taste and figure. 

Girls who haven't bought or want to buy another black dress should follow a few simple tips. For example, a cropped dress is only suitable for tall ladies, because it visually shortens you. A long black dress is best worn for special occasions, although there are many casual styles as well. The style on the straps is suitable for those who have beautiful shoulders and arms. And voluminous sleeves will save girls with a disproportionate figure - when the upper body is smaller than the lower one. If you are the owner of large hips, then take a look at dresses with fluffy skirts - they will hide your flaw. 

Well, what can you add to a dress? Yes, anything! If you have a business meeting - put on a jacket or blazer with pumps, if you go for a walk - a cardigan and sneakers (in the case when the dress is not classic), and if you go to a disco - heeled ankle boots, flashy jewelry and a clutch. In any case, the image will be a win-win!

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