Slippers and loafers

With the advent of the warm season, you have to switch from boots to other types of shoes, in this case slippers and loafers will be an excellent option, the differences of which are almost imperceptible, although they still exist.

Slippers and loafers – the choice is entirely yours

Let's take a closer look, so what are the fundamental differences between these seemingly absolutely identical, but at the same time absolutely and completely different representatives of this sphere.


They can be called an improved version of such moccasins already familiar to everyone, they have a very comfortable hard sole, as for the heel, the manufacturers also thought of this moment, only the heel is made as low as possible, due to this it is very stable. They are as comfortable as possible, and also remain elegant, for most models of these shoes, such a detail as leather bones is very familiar. Gucci lovers probably noted that their loafers always have a metal snaffle (a part of a horse harness), this “decoration” is located at the top of the toe of the loafers.

Loafers – shoes are quite practical and comfortable, but the question of style and fashion does not go anywhere. Their main charm is that with the right selection of colors and certain details on clothes and specific shoes, they will combine just perfectly. So what to wear with loafers, what do they fit with and what are they combined with? This type of footwear is perfect for familiar and long-loved jeans, they will look great with classic clothes and, with the right approach, fits beautifully into a romantic evening look.

Remember that elegance can be present not only in the image, where stilettos attract all the attention, but it can also be a simple, convenient option that will emphasize the necessary details and features of your image. In summer, pay special attention to stylish shorts, because moccasins, loafers and shorts are combined very well, such an image will not only be somewhat new, original, but also stylish, although convenience is not lost anywhere.

Many girls think that it is impossible to combine such somewhat rough shoes with a romantic look, but a flying lace skirt will look great with beautiful and stylish loafers. For those girls who find it difficult to imagine their life without a heel, there is also good news, because this type of shoe is also available with heels, so any girl who decides to change her image a little can find exactly those loafers with heels that you like.


Slippers – semi-closed shoes that are made on a flat sole, in the original they have no laces, no fasteners, no laces, no Velcro, no buckles or any other fixing details. Like loafers, they are designed to make the owner of slippers as comfortable as possible in them, that is, comfort comes first, and the rest of the details go to another plane. Of course, due to this, most models are produced on a flat sole, but forgetting about this fact, there are also models with a small heel, which will add a certain zest to your usual and everyday look, as well as make it an order of magnitude more beautiful and more stylish.

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