Shorts for every occasion

Summer is coming, which means it's time to hide jeans and sweaters far away in the closet and start trying on light clothes. In warm weather, shorts will be indispensable, because this is a great alternative to trousers. Compared to previous years, designers have developed so many variations of this thing that the eyes run wide. Fashionable shorts are useful not only for leisure, but also for work in the office or a party in a nightclub. The new season brought with it the popularity of casual, sequins and overalls, so in today's article, Garne will talk in detail about the fashion trends of 2019.

Let's start with denim shorts, which have already become classics. This year, denim has been used in the most famous designer collections, which means it will remain relevant in the summer. When choosing these shorts, pay attention to models with a high waist, small slits or stripes, fringe and turned-out pockets. With this style, light blouses and T-shirts will harmoniously look. A checkered elongated jacket, a black leather belt with a massive buckle and heeled sandals will help to complete the look.

Elegant jumpsuit-shorts, made of lightweight fabric and open back - the dream of any girl. He will look beautiful in a duet with heels at a noisy disco and no worse at the oceanfront with a straw hat and sandals. At the peak of popularity, jumpsuits in stripes of pastel colors, with thin straps and a V-shaped neckline. The only negative of this clothing is that sometimes shorts look too short on tall girls. Models with adjustable straps or a tie around the neck will solve this problem.

Business shorts are a godsend for a business woman, because what could be more comfortable for an active woman in hot weather. This year, designers have offered elegant suits, consisting of a jacket, high-waisted shorts and a lace-embellished T-shirt. It is interesting that these clothes began to be sewn not only from dense fabric, but also from linen and cotton. Now the suits do not hover the body, but quickly wrinkle. Under this image, a leather backpack and sneakers are suitable, if desired, a plain baseball cap.

Well, how to do without the sensational bicycles, the fashion for which Kim Kardashian started. Initially, they were used as sportswear for cycling, but fashionistas decided to change this function. Despite the fact that the shorts are tight-fitting, they will suit even women with imperfect shapes, because they perform a retracting effect on the abdomen and hips. Cycling shorts are worn with oversized T-shirts, sweatshirts and sneakers with wide soles. The bow will be completed with a leather banana or a transparent vinyl bag.

If you find it difficult to choose shorts for your body type, then Garne has a couple of tips on this matter:

1. Shorts with a high waist and small pockets are suitable for women with a rectangular body structure.

2. Owners of wide hips are not recommended to choose tight-fitting models, but rather flared ones.

3. If you are short, then look at the vertical striped short shorts, because they visually lengthen the legs.

4. For tall women, Bermuda shorts are suitable, which are fitted at the top and fit to the leg.

Shorts are a must-have for women's wardrobe. You can find the perfect pair in our online store, so go to the catalog soon!

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