Scandinavian style in clothes

In winter, you really want to dress in something warm and cozy. And spit on heels and elegant dresses. For fashionistas who prefer comfort on cold winter days, there is an original and popular style of clothing for many years - Scandinavian. What is it and what is it eaten with?

Scandinavian style has been rooted in Northern Europe since the 16th century. It is known that Scandinavia, which includes the peoples of Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden, has a very cool climate. These countries are shrouded in forests, mountains and lakes, and the winters here are long, windy and cold. Personally, these lands remind me of the fabulous era of the Viking conquerors.

To save themselves from the cold, the people of Scandinavia found a "warm" the way out of the situation is knitted and fur things that fulfill their practical and functional duties. Such clothes are made in a special ethnic style. We are talking about patterns and ornaments with a frequently changed color palette. The most famous of them are deer, snowflakes, snowmen, diamonds and Christmas trees. These are the things that New Year's motives most often remind us of.

The most famous Scandinavian wardrobe item is the reindeer sweater. Such a sweater catches the eye in itself, so it is better to get by with only one thing from the northern ornament. Blue jeans and your festive smile will complete the look!

Scandinavian style is also layered clothing. You can wear a blouse, sweater and fur vest. It will not look pretentious, unless, of course, the clothes are overly decorated with details. In this style, details generally play the slightest role - the fewer of them, the better. In the northern peoples, things are valued only from high-quality materials - leather, suede, furs and wool. After all, they are the ones that retain heat well. span>

Now there is a huge selection of Scandinavian style items - knitted mittens with snowflakes, large woolen scarves, warm rhombus leggings, etc. d. Leggings, for example, are best worn by girls with slender legs, because if you are the owner of magnificent forms, they will only emphasize this shortcoming. Scarf and mittens can be chosen so that the set comes out. But they should not be very different, the patterns and colors in disparity are very striking and look tasteless.

In conclusion, we can say that the Scandinavian traditional style came to us from the fabulous northern countries, where comfort and warmth are valued above all and comfort.

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