Pajamas and nightgowns for sleep and more

When Marilyn Monroe was asked what she likes to wear at night, she answered that only the scent of "Chanel No. 5". Not pajamas, not a nightgown, or anything else... Only fragrance and that's it! But sleep in beautiful pajamas or a comfortable nightgown – It is also a pleasant pleasure. In this outfit, you can not only indulge in sleep and relaxation, but also go to a party or enjoy watching soulful films after the holidays.

Pajamas are not just for sleeping

Home suit, pajamas and nightgown – this is our favorite homewear, which is associated not only with sleep, but also with home comfort, warmth and soft hugs. It is pajamas or a nightgown that you want to put on as soon as you cross the threshold of the house after a hard day's work, and quickly go under the covers to read your favorite book or watch your favorite movie. This wardrobe item is so multitasking and functional that designers made it less domesticated, and today pajamas< /a>, homemade suits and nightgowns can be seen on the streets and at parties.

But it's not about the pajama style in clothes, but about what clothes to choose for the house, in which it will not be a shame to sit with a cup of aromatic cocoa with a girlfriend in the kitchen or go to a pajama party with friends. Naturally, in such cases, a lace peignoirwill be "not comme il faut", but a home suit, pajamas or a boyfriend nightgown with a free and light cut, which do not restrict movements, but only contribute to maximum relaxation, will be just in time.

Which pajamas to choose?

As soon as the "pajama trend" appeared in fashion, dressing even at home in a simple pajama suit is no longer interesting – in such  outfits many women of fashion go to offices, to meetings and parties. Therefore, for  comfortable rest within the walls of the house, for cozy gatherings with your family by the fireplace or for pajama parties you should choose a comfortable suit. But which one?

Here it is worth recalling the most iconic films and borrowing "pajama looks" their main characters – they definitely knew a lot about fashion and convenience. So...

Bridget Jones from "Bridget Jones's Diary" was remembered by us as an eccentric and at the same time home girl. Therefore, if you don’t care how you look at home, and expect only convenience and tranquility from home leisure, you can safely put on an outfit similar to the image of Bridget Jones, – pajamas with various prints and cute patterns: flowers, bunnies, hearts, etc. If you are not alien to a sense of humor and self-irony, then you can slightly improve the proposed image and choose pajamas in the form of some cartoon character. It's just Bridget herself would definitely wear this.

The image of Anna Sergeevna from the "Diamond Arm", a fatal beauty and a seductive blonde, will suit those who, even at home or at a pajama party, want to look fully armed and at the same time comply with the dress code. It is a short robe with mother-of-pearl buttons that will help you relax for a while and at the same time look very seductive. To embody such an image, it is enough to purchase a spacious satin nightgown and a dressing gown with mother-of-pearl buttons to match her.

If you want to look interesting and mysterious, and not like Bridget Jones, and not as defiant as a blonde dancing a seductive dance in a silk robe, then you will suit the image of Holly Golightly from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's . In the film, she appeared in a  masculine shirt thrown over her naked body. But if you interpret her image in a modern manner, then you can use a spacious boyfriend nightgown or pajamas in men's style.

The courage of Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City" does not hold. She managed to look stylish and unusual in completely different outfits and looks. But the most memorable, perhaps, was the outfit when she boldly put on a string of pearls over ordinary pajamas, high-heeled boots on her feet, and threw a fur coat over her shoulders. If you are also ready for experiments, you can try something similar and combine  Things that seem incompatible at first glance. For example, you can safely combine a nightgown with massive accessories, and pajama pants with a bright sweatshirt. There are two options – either everyone will think you're crazy, or – that you have amazing taste.

Therefore, if you are going to a pajama party or you just want to provide yourself with even more comfort during your home vacation, do not hesitate for a long time and come to us for new clothes!

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