New trend - airport style

Summer is the time for rest and vacations! It doesn't matter that summer is coming to an end, most importantly, it's not over yet, and there's plenty of time to travel ahead. Most often, for summer vacations, we choose hot exotic countries. And even if the flight is not very long, all the same, every girl wants to look good and also feel good. Thanks to the resourcefulness of star stylists, a new style has appeared, this is airport style. The peculiarity of the style lies in the ability to look stunning on the way, during the flight, and, what is very important, after it. Combining comfortable, practical and at the same time beautiful and stylish things, travel lovers always remain on top without changing their own style. The most popular look for the road and travel is in casual style. Jeans, a T-shirt or tank top, plus a short, maximally simple coat or cardigan is just what you need for comfort and style. You can not do without a bulky bag, in which you can easily put everything that can be useful in flight. From shoes, it is better to give preference to sneakers, sneakers, something that will remain fashionable in any combination of styles. Of course, don't forget about accessories. Large glasses will hide fatigue and serve as a fashionable addition. A hat and a voluminous scarf will look great.
What to say?! Better learn from the stars.