Long earrings - who will go and what to wear

Women are ready to do anything to emphasize their individuality, and thereby stand out from the crowd. Extravagant outfits, bright hairstyles, incredible accessories… If everything possible is discussed about clothes, and a little more, and the hairstyle is a matter of personal taste, then you can talk and talk about accessories. Today, I would like to focus on my favorite girl's accessory, or rather jewelry. Let's talk about earrings. And not just earrings, but unusual long ones. Such jewelry takes place only for special occasions, wearing shoulder-length earrings for every day is at least not reasonable.

And thanks to the right jewelry, even the simplest bow can turn into an elegant and bold one. But still, there are many specific “buts” that should be considered when choosing such a bright accessory. This jewelry will look good with any evening dress, it will go well with light, weightless blouses; also earrings are successfully combined with various options for summer dresses and sundresses. Long earrings made of beads, small stones, rhinestones, etc. will look great. And long earrings – The chains are great with casual urban style clothing, such as jeans and tops, jackets and simple cut bottoms.

Long earrings made of sequins, sequins and stones will be appropriate for evening discos and parties with friends, where their iridescent shine will only play into your hands and attract even more attention to you. If you have to wear expensive earrings with precious stones, of course, choose a luxurious maxi – dresses, the type that world celebrities usually choose to walk along the red carpet.

A perfectly styled hairstyle, high heels, a small handbag and long earrings made of precious metals will be very appropriate if your task is to conquer and rule!
With things it is clear, but at the expense of someone who should not choose this type of jewelry, everything is a little more complicated. If you have a narrow face, then long earrings can visually emphasize not quite the right proportions. Plump women should not wear long and thin earrings, they definitely will not decorate, but on the contrary, rounded features will be unsuccessfully emphasized. Long earrings should not be chosen by girls with a short neck.

Women with a standard body type can afford to buy long earrings, of a more massive type and decorated with large stones. If you are the owner of outstanding forms, then it is better not to pay attention to jewelry of this kind, so as not to once again focus on the features of your figure. Petite women, wearing high heels and long earrings, may notice that they look completely new, taller and much more attractive. 

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