Kitten heel shoes

All girls love heels, especially high stilettos, so elegant and graceful. They add height, elongate the figure, make the image more elegant and even sexy. But high-heeled shoes are so uncomfortable!.. Therefore, each of us, on occasion, is looking for the very shoes in which it will be as comfortable as possible, in which you can also beautifully get out of the car and be attractive, just be a "graceful doe" and at the same time master the daily work marathon.

Fortunately, "reinventing the wheel" do not, because the once well-forgotten kitten heels shoes, which now appear on almost every fashion show, have returned to fashion.

What are kitten heels and where did they come from?

Actually, under the term  "kitten heels" It also means  a heel 3-5 centimeters high, and all shoes with such a heel: shoes, sandals, mules, boats, sandals and even boots, but with a pointed toe – this is a prerequisite. At the same time, the kitten heel can be in the form of a small hairpin, and a low "glass" or even as a stable & nbsp; square heel. That is, there are no restrictions on the form, the main thing is that the size, that is, the height,  heels fit into the standard.

Now about the history of kitten heels. Kitten Hills –  shoes are shoes from the past. However, like everything today is fashionable and popular. And their appearance, oddly enough, is connected ... with hairpins. In 1953, the designer Roger Vivier developed the first-ever models of stiletto heels especially for the coronation of Elizabeth II, and the whole world was gripped by a hype for a high thin heel. But in use, such shoes needed certain skills and dexterity. And for teaching young girls to walk in high heels as "training" shoes "kitten heels" or "kitten heels" were invented. In such shoes it was more convenient to get used to walking on unstable stilettos. 

And this heel model was popularized by Audrey Hepburn, who began to appear everywhere in shoes with a small glass heel and even on the set of her films she didn’t take them off – first kitten heels were seen in the movie "Sabrina" , then in "Funny Face" and in Breakfast at Tiffany's. This wave was picked up by style icon Jackie Kennedy and Lady Dee, who tried not to be taller than her husband Charles at important events and official photos. 

Then Kitten Hills shoes were forgotten for a while, they were replaced by massive platforms, thick heels and more stable shoes. But miniature kitten heels are back on the radar of fashionistas with the arrival of Michelle Obama at the White House. The first lady of the United States appeared in shoes with "cat's heels" on official events and in everyday life, combining them with almost all your wardrobe. But you have to be able to do it...

How to wear kitten heels?

Despite the fact that  the kitten heels look more like business-style shoes, they, due to their comfort, feel great among ripped jeans (thank them!), stretched T-shirts, men's-style jackets and other things that do not having nothing to do with officialdom and the new look silhouette. In addition, they harmonize perfectly:

- with ¾ length trousers and culottes, which are equally appropriate both at work and at a party;

- with trouser suits for formal events;

- with a little black dress, and any dresses in a retro style, especially if you don't like deliberate theatricality and pretense;

- with tights, tight socks and nylon knee-highs – strangeness in the image with kiten hills is only welcome;

- with youth ripped denim and shirts in men's style;

- with any models of skirts.

Do not be afraid to experiment and forget about the stereotype that such shoes – this is "grandma style". For if Alexa Chung, Giovanna Battaglia or Emmanuelle Alt in such shoes remind someone of grandmothers, then this someone then it's time to change your glasses!