Image glasses

Increasingly, on the streets of the city, and indeed everywhere, you can meet a person with glasses. For the most part – These are young people, young boys and girls. Is it possible that young people's eyesight deteriorated at such an early age? The reason for this is the notorious gadgets, the Internet and the love of video games – think those who do not know that today it is fashionable to wear glasses with transparent glasses. And they are called fashion.

Outwardly, fashion glasses are indistinguishable from ordinary glasses for vision correction, which are usually attributed by a doctor. Well, except that they can have colored glasses, which are more intended for the period of solar activity, in order to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. And so fashion glasses have simple glass lenses without diopters or plastic counterparts, they can have the same frames and shape, but at the same time they allow you to achieve the effect that is impossible with medical glasses. They help to emphasize style and personality, add zest to the image and influence the appearance:

  • make dark circles under the eyes less noticeable;
  • correct the oval of the face;
  • minimize the impression of eyes close to the bridge of the nose;
  • visually enlarge the eyes.

And in rainy or snowy weather, such an accessory can even save makeup. What time are they – fashion glasses!

But in order to achieve such stunning results and in the blink of an eye to change your appearance beyond recognition, you need not just buy fashion glasses, but choose them correctly, taking into account the type of your face and take into account exactly what style and image you will wear them apply. So, what do you need to know when choosing a frame shape?

If you need glasses to look more solid and even serious, it's better to opt for models with glass lenses and thin metal frames. And for a casual look, glasses with plastic lenses and plastic frames will be more appropriate. As for the shape and size of glasses, in the case of fashion glasses, the same rules apply as with ordinary sunglasses:

At the same time, a single rule must be applied to each type of face: fashion glasses should not cover the eyebrow line and touch the cheeks. Therefore, when you choose glasses, smile broadly at the world and the people around you, or at least at your reflection in the mirror. And if the frame does not bounce on the cheeks, then you have chosen the right glasses. 

Among Asian youth, fashion glasses without glasses in general are popular. But if you think what – too radical, then choose your "achechi" from the available stylish range. Namely:

  • cat-eye in thick dark frames perfect for shaping the look for a business dress code;
  • aviator slim metal frame – versatile models for everyday looks in casual and smart casual style;
  • Tishades with classic round or slightly elongated cat-eye lenses;
  • wayfarers – cool glasses in thick colored or gradient frames.

And finally: fashion glasses are safe for vision only if you do not wear them for several hours in a row without taking them off. All glasses, both corrective, and medical, and computer, and image, with constant wear are addictive, and the eyes get used to the fact that they need to look at the world around us through an obstacle. In addition, even on expensive and high-quality glasses over time cracks occur that adversely affect vision, can cause rapid fatigue of the organs of vision and headache.

But who thinks about it when they buy a stylish new thing? Don't laugh!