How to wear oversized clothes?

Whether we like it or not, but autumn is already marching across the country with a confident step, but it’s completely “not far off” and winter, so it is absolutely logical that it is time to warm up. And the sooner you start this process, the more successful it will be. For several seasons in a row, things like oversize have remained very relevant. About what it is, and what things of such a plan are worthy of attention, we will talk today. Oversize — a term that characterizes clothes of a rather loose cut or clothes that are clearly several sizes larger than the owner needs.

Designers specifically make clothes that look oversized. The word "oversize" virtually any thing in your closet can be designated: these are coats, trousers and jeans, shirts, tunics and t-shirts, sweaters. The convenience of these things, no doubt! It's hard to describe in words, to understand the lightness and relaxation from wearing oversized things. only their owners can!

They guarantee the creation of a 100% successful image and, importantly, hide many of the flaws and irregularities of the figure. The most important feature of the oversized style is the visual blurring of the contours of the body. But this has an ambiguous effect. Such things "throw" a couple of extra pounds, and at the same time years. Hence the conclusion that oversize things will look best on tall, thin, young ladies.

The most important thing to remember if you're looking to get this kind of stuff is that you shouldn't think that buying jeans that are two sizes larger than you need will make you a "style icon". The tailoring of such things takes place according to a special technology, specially, thoughtfully and intentionally, individual details of the product are enlarged – back, collar, pockets, sleeves or something else.

Summing up, I want to add only one thing: if you opted for an oversized coat or jeans, you don’t need to wear a T-shirt or sweater of the same type, it will be too much. Focus on only one thing in the image.