How to wear mules: 5 bright ideas

The fashion for mules has returned to us from the past, from the 80s. They are shoes with an open heel and ankle, with a closed or open toe. Thanks to this style, mules are considered the most ideal shoe option for hot summer weather. They are light, do not constrain movements, and they look very stylish. Such shoes will certainly make your summer look, whether casual or evening, bright and original.

But many fashionistas are simply afraid of shoes like fire, preferring traditional sandals or high heels. This is due to the fact that they simply do not know what to combine mules with in order to create a successful and harmonious summer look. And we, the Garne online store, know and will tell you.

Under jeans, boyfriends, mom’s jeans

Even though it looks unusual, mules look great with jeans. But you need to combine them only with classic blue or light blue denim pants with a straight cut, on which there is no decoration: prints or embroidery. Remember that the main focus should be on the shoes. And a stylish bag to match the shoes will make a casual bow more successful and harmonious.

With a dress

As for the primordially female attire, a dress, a romantic and light dress made of weightless or flowing fabrics is ideal for mules. But it is advisable in this case to give preference to models made of light suede, velvet or silk. In this image, you can go anywhere: on a date, to meet with girlfriends in a cafe, or to an interesting exhibition.

With culottes

Union mules+culottes – This is the most win-win image of this summer. Wide-leg cropped trousers in plain, polka dot or vertical stripes, ideal for mules with low heels or thin soles. In this outfit, the ankle remains open, which will make the image more modern and feminine. In addition, it will not be superfluous to tie a lower tail, put on a jacket or a leather jacket-leather jacket – and you will definitely be in trend.

With a midi skirt

A skirt made of delicate flying fabric, guipure or chiffon will make the perfect duet of mules with low heels or high heels. This outfit can be combined with a men's style cotton shirt or with a massive knitted sweater in cool weather.

With socks

This union, of course, is unexpected, but very bold, provocative and, most importantly, fashionable! A few seasons ago, wearing socks under sandals was considered bad form, such a duet surprised and even frightened fashionistas for an hour. But fashion is changing, and today the combination of socks and mules does not surprise anyone and is considered one of the most relevant in the new season. Choose socks in a fine mesh or contrasting colors with shoes, and then you will definitely be the most fashionable among your friends.