How to wear cropped trousers

Pants that are just below mid-calf length are considered the trend of this season. Moreover, on the catwalks of fashion shows, they won recognition and secured a reliable position in the fashion industry. Many are interested in the name of cropped women's trousers. They are known as "Capri". Similar models are produced a little flared or narrow. Also pleased with the variety of colors. For business ladies, cropped trousers are made in classic shades (beige, black), as well as from plain fabrics of different textures and densities. For warm weather, you can pick up bright models.

Cropped trousers for overweight fit just as well as for thin and graceful girls. Regardless of height, you can emphasize your style with some models of trousers, and with some even highlight your shortcomings.

In the autumn season, fashionistas should pay attention to cropped emerald green trousers.

What to wear with cropped trousers

Designers insist that 7/8 length trousers are combined with an elongated and spacious top. It can be tunics, sweaters, as well as shirts made from thin fabrics. The combination of cropped pants for the summer – slightly cropped jacket, light coat. Tight pants will look contrastingly on a woman with a voluminous top. With this combination, the legs visually lengthen, look thinner.

If a girl does not like voluminous things, you should pay attention to a body shirt in combination with a small jacket. The shirt is tucked into trousers.

Ankle-length trousers

Cropped black trousers are a classic of the genre, which is preferred by many business ladies. They are also customary to combine with office wardrobe items. A woman will look irresistible in many models, because they slightly open the ankle, showing others the lady's spectacular legs, as if hinting at her seductiveness and grace.

Eminent designers have even created a suit with cropped trousers for business people, which can make a lady luxurious and more stylish.

What shoes to wear with cropped trousers

Every fashionista should definitely pay attention not only to what to wear with cropped trousers, but also to choose the right shoes for them in order to create a full-fledged trendy look.

Shoes for trousers are selected depending on the whole style of clothing. For lovers of the classic style, it is advisable to combine cropped trousers with classic-looking shoes that have a hairpin. Cropped women's trousers of a classic design with high-heeled ankle boots and boots will look advantageous and original. In the latter version, you can tuck cropped trousers into boots.

Small-heeled shoes or sandals are suitable for feminine gentle capri models made of pastel-colored fabrics. As variations, designers recommend combining them with slippers, ballet flats.

Short trousers «pipes» (youth version) it is customary to complement with high boots with flat soles or lace-up boots.

If cropped trousers have a masculine look, they are worn with flat shoes.