How to wear a poncho

It's no secret that fashion is a cycle. Our grandmothers also said that everything new is well forgotten old, and this is indeed so. Four years ago, for sure, you saw how your mother wore a poncho with pleasure in cold weather, but you never could have thought that this year the fashion would push you to choose this rather strange thing. So, in the autumn-winter season, ponchos are back in fashion. The idea of appearing a free and at the same time quite comfortable silhouette took root in the trends of the 70s.

But the design, fashion trends and for a long time made the poncho a relevant and desirable item of fashionable wardrobe not only for women with magnificent forms, but also for fragile girls. The style of the poncho, despite the centuries-old history, has remained unchanged – this is a wide and fairly loose cape with a cutout for the head.

This fall, the poncho looks most relevant in the form of outerwear, perfect for a not very cold off-season. There are many benefits to this item! Firstly, it does not hinder movements, it is easy and comfortable to wear a poncho, and of course, it is warm. And secondly, the thing is very versatile, it will perfectly emphasize the harmony of the figure, and if necessary, hide the flaws of the figure.

Fashion "fad" this season is the hood. When choosing a model of a warm poncho with a hood, do not limit yourself to dull colors, decorate the dullness of autumn with bright colors. Yes, and there are no restrictions on the choice of materials, choose what fits your wardrobe as well as possible.

When choosing a poncho, wear tight skinny jeans or straight trousers, this will visually make you slimmer, despite the fact that the upper body will be quite voluminous.