How to choose sunglasses?

What accessory do we most often take with us to the street on a sunny summer day? No, not a hat or cap - we take sunglasses. It seemed such a simple thing, but so necessary. Sunglasses have long ceased to be a means of protecting the eyes from the effects of ultraviolet rays, now they are a stylish and fashionable accessory that complements any of our images. Let's see what glasses are in trend now.

Among the main trends in fashion for sunglasses, it is worth highlighting massive shapes, frames with various decors and roundness of glasses.

If we talk about the most interesting thing - the decor, then we cannot fail to mention the famous glasses from Dolce&Gabbana with flowers. After all, if you look closely at such glasses, you can see a real masterpiece. With this accessory, you will look ultra-stylish and attract the admiring glances of others. 

The second, no less fashionable trend is round glasses. It is known that the very first glasses had a round shape and were designed to correct vision. They were found in the Egyptian tomb of Tutankhamen and looked like two emeralds connected by bronze plates that served as a frame. After some time, optical lenses were invented, but the round frame remained the most popular frame. This can be explained by the fact that such glasses have the best field of view. Fashion for round glasses is now dictated by Chanel.

As for the choice of glass colors, this season the most relevant are brown, blue and lilac. These glasses go well with pastel shades. Chameleon glasses also remain in trend - they look harmoniously with bright summer outfits. Black and gray glasses are well suited to office, classic clothes of the same color.

When choosing glasses, consider the shape of your face, because no matter how fashionable glasses are, they can spoil the overall picture. For example, round glasses are suitable for girls with a square face shape - they visually soften the shape. And for girls who own a round face shape, cat glasses are suitable - they lengthen and stretch the face well. And finally - consider, but do not chase fashion trends, choose glasses that really suit you.