How to choose a hat

In winter, we can't do without a hat. After all, when it's cold outside, we want to dress warmly, feel comfortable and cozy. But there are unique girls who like to go without a hat at minus fifteen. The motive for such an act is the desire to look more beautiful, not to spoil the hairstyle, and for teenagers - to appear more mature. Especially for such ladies, I want to make a remark - it is dangerous to walk without a hat in winter. No, meningitis does not threaten you (it was this disease that mothers scared everyone in childhood), because it is generally an infectious disease, but it arises from a weakened immune system. And the latter just may appear from hypothermia. Also, you are threatened with ear diseases, damage to the facial nerves, as well as hair loss! So think about whether it is worth walking without a hat in winter.



So, let's figure out who and what kind of hat suits. For people with an oval face shape, almost everything looks good, even the most non-standard and original hats. But I want to advise very fashionable lately turbans, especially knitted ones. In general, the turban comes from North Africa and Asia. Traditionally, the manufacture of a turban requires 8 meters of fabric, and in special cases as much as 20! But modern turbans are very simplified. The trend for such a headdress can be traced in the collections of Undercover, Lala Berlin, Topshop.



For people with a square face shape, a hat with earflaps will suit. They are varied: knitted and fur, synthetic and natural. An earflap with fur trim complete with a parka or a coat of the same color will look stylish. A practical and fashionable accessory will not let your ears freeze even in the most severe cold.



Chubby girls are best to choose large and voluminous hats. A warm hat with a large viscous harmoniously suits the owners of this face shape. Moreover, such knitting is now relevant, which can be traced in the collections & nbsp; fashion designers fall-winter 2016. 



When it comes to matching your hat to your hair color, it's important not to merge into one. Choose a headdress so that it looks in contrast with the hair. This way you will not look like a gray mouse. Outerwear can be varied: down jacket, parka, coat. Now it is fashionable to combine incongruous things. For example, a bright knitted hat with a classic coat. 


I hope you find these tips helpful when choosing your header. Dress warmly and look stylish!


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