Green color Arcadia - the trend of the season spring-summer 2018

February, like the whole autumn-winter season, is an extremely boring and depressing month: the sun's rays rarely break through the veil of snow clouds, it       it  it it's cold  it is a rigmarole in the soul, and so  want summer. It is impossible to somehow bring the moment of the onset of spring and heat closer, the laws of physics and nature cannot be bypassed. Yes, and why speed up time, if it is quite possible to create a spring mood in your soul and wardrobe  – enough to dilute the black and white winter wardrobe with fresh colors. For example, the color of Arcadia, which was recognized as one of the most fashionable shades of the spring-summer 2018 season:

Fashion for green

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute determines the main color of the year. And at the end of 2017, it was Arcadia – gentle, noble and refreshing tone, which combines the "taste" of retro style and modernity. It will allow you to take a fresh look at the green color: fresh and stylish, with a barely noticeable bluish undertone, it will bring novelty to the traditional green color, making it lighter, almost weightless.

Leatrice Eiseman, CEO of Pantone, explains the meaning of color like this: 
“Every year we conduct polls and research to get the opinion of citizens about their taste preferences, and we take into account changes in world culture that affect the mood of people and shape their attitude to the world around them. The result of our work was the understanding that the world of industrial design has finally opened up to bright colors. Today, a person is ready to buy bright gadgets and wants to see the same joyful colors in clothes and interiors. Therefore, the palette of fashionable colors of the spring-summer 2018 season also contains such an interesting shade as Arcadia. This is a fresh tone, a symbol of future changes, renewal and rebirth. Arcadia  symbolizes strength and tenderness at the same time, helps to feel youthfulness and good spirits to the ends of the hair.»

Fashion trends in the use of Arcadia tone

Arcadia Color – it's a cool, clean green tone that brings out the new in an interesting and chic way. This is a lighter shade than classic green, it has a special depth, which is formed due to the combination of green and blue shades in it. It is cold and clean, thanks to which it reminds both of the cool of rainforests and the depth of sea waters.

According to experts, the noble shade of Arcadia green will look most harmonious in a solo performance. But it can be diluted – it is easily combined and goes well with all the colors of the Panton spring palette. Best of all, the shade of Arcadia will look with a light gray and yellow color, for example, with bright, juicy and fresh "Ivolga" and the classic gray Harbor Mist with a beige undertone, which are also present in the Pantone palette. In this combination, the tone of Arcadia will sparkle with new notes, become more fresh, juicy and desirable.

We have selected a series of fashionable looks in the main color of spring 2018 and its shades – see what colors it can be combined with:

The presented examples of using the green tint of Arcadia will make the image bright and dynamic and will suit not only young girls, but young ladies over 30  As an alternative to clothes in the juicy green color of Arcadia , stylish accessories in the same shade can be used, jewelry, make-up or manicure in a cheerful tone.

We are confident that Arcadia color will be easy and very pleasant for you to wear, and it will settle in your wardrobe or cosmetic bag for a long time. In general, we are satisfied. Spring, come in!

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