Geometry in clothes

Sometimes we get bored with our everyday clothes and want something new. But what to buy so that this thing does not bore us as quickly as the previous one? We give advice - instead of the usual plain clothes (jumpers, blouses or dresses), buy clothes with a geometric print. Yes, geometry is in fashion and will not leave Olympus for a long time. A cage, polka dots, a rhombus, a rectangle and many more prints that remind us of a school textbook on geometry will refresh your image and make it brighter.


One of the classic geometric prints is the cage. She came to us a long time ago and took root in different styles - from preppy to rock and roll. The cage, first of all, is associated with the Scottish skirt and for good reason - the red and black cage is always relevant. Previously, skirts with such a print were acceptable purely in the school wardrobe, but now all fashionistas wear such skirts. Checkered fashion is dictated to us by burberry with its famous checkered scarves and trench coats.

Another ever-popular print is polka dots. It is associated with the style of the 60s. Then the fashion industry was just beginning to develop, and designers -  spread their wings. At that time, retro dresses with polka dots were an invariable part of the women's wardrobe. Today, fashion print is not losing ground - Chanel and Prada show this trend.

As for the strip, you need to be careful with it - such a print can visually deform your figure. It seemed that a vertical strip, on the contrary, should stretch the silhouette and slim, but if you don’t have long and thin legs, then give up trousers or leggings with such a print - your legs in them will look even worse. A horizontal stripe is always in fashion in a marine style - turtlenecks will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

It is impossible not to mention ethnicity. Bright ethnic print - especially relevant in recent times. Here, geometry has already tried - rhombuses, squares and triangles are intertwined into one and create a very interesting pattern. Ethnicity makes us return to the times of our ancestors and remember how they fashioned before us. 

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