Flower wreath - from ancient traditions to modern times

Since ancient times, flowers have been given special importance in Ukrainian culture. Indeed, according to history, it can be traced that utensils, furniture, clothes, decorated estates, etc. 

The flowers were most popular among young girls as an original hair ornament. In addition, it is also a powerful amulet - an ethnic symbol of our people. From ancient times, flowers braided into a wreath had a special meaning. For example, chamomile - symbolizes love and fidelity, immortelle - health, and viburnum - beauty and girlish beauty. 

The years have passed, but the traditions have remained the same - wreaths of flowers have become even more popular. After all, you must admit that a hairstyle with flowers always looks more delicate and charming than without them. This trend is most relevant in summer - when flowers have a special energy, are filled with life. 

Modern handmade craftsmen use artificial flowers to make their products, because they have significant advantages - aesthetic appearance, large selection and durability (natural flowers will wither in a day or two). In one wreath, you can combine flowers of different colors and sizes, for example, large blue roses with small white forget-me-nots. This option will look original and at the same time gentle. However, hoops with red poppies are the most popular, although blue and yellow patriotic themes are also in trend. 

Working on a handmade wreath, as a rule, is very troublesome (some hoops contain about 50-70 parts), so the cost of such a product  fluctuates greatly. If you have been dreaming of such a decoration for a long time and have creative inclinations, then you can safely take on the creation of a flower wreath on your own - there are many master classes on the Internet.

The headband with flowers is suitable for both special occasions and everyday life. A well-chosen jewelry will not only emphasize your beauty, but will also be a great addition to a fashionable look!