Fashionable skirts 2016

Fashion is a cyclic thing. Some trends go out with a bang, and some come back with a bang. Now let's talk about skirts. They have always served as an attribute of femininity and sophistication: long and short, lush and tight-fitting. Many styles of skirts, after decades, are back in fashion again. For example, such as year and pleated. 

Godet is a kind of combination of a pencil skirt and a flared skirt, which favorably emphasizes the figure. The roots of this style have been growing since the distant 30s. Then there was a need for comfortable skirts, for dressing which would not require the help of servants. The founder of this model is the cult designer of those times, Madeleine Vionnet. It was on her ideas that Coco Chanel herself became a personality. Croy year is most often used for sewing wedding and evening dresses. Such a style tried to break into fashion several times, but other models, such as a pencil and a trapeze, forced it out of the fashionable Olympus. Now is exactly the time when the year loudly returned. 

Pleated is another stylish thing that is actively gaining momentum. The authorship of the pleated skirt is assigned to a certain Mariano Fortuny, who created such a style as home wear. But in the 1920s, pleats also appeared as evening dresses. The peak of popularity of this style came at the time of Marilyn Monroe, when the film "The Seven Year Itch" was released. with her participation. Spectators for a long time remembered the white pleated dress, which is inflated with air. Princess Diana herself was a big fan of pleats. Her outfits have always been distinguished by sophistication and conciseness. Many fans of the style of Princess Diana tried to repeat it. But it is worth considering that if you have a problematic figure, then a pleated skirt can play a bad joke on you, because such a model gives the figure an extra volume.

In addition, denim, leather skirts, tight midi skirts, unusual prints and colors do not give up their positions. You just have to go to the shops and choose the right style. With different skirts, you can create interesting images, you just have to experiment.

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