Fashionable novelty - sandals with tractor soles

A bold and non-standard combination of coarse elements of clothing and footwear in a duet with sophisticated and delicate – a successful option for those girls who love to combine incompatible things. We are talking about tractor-soled sandals, which are not only unusual and unusual to the eye, but also at the top of popularity in the spring and summer. They will definitely help create a unique image! It is this model of summer shoes that will help you stand out from the crowd and look ultra fashionable.

The fashion elite calls these shoes Chunkyheel. If translated literally literally, it will turn out like "thick heel". This "tractor" the trend has recently begun to actively conquer the world podiums. If it seems to you that due to their rudeness, sandals are suitable for few clothes, then you are mistaken. They will not only help you look slimmer, but also fit virtually everything. Based on this, we can easily conclude that this is not just a fashion shoe, but also a very practical and versatile model. Extravagant, unlike anything before, shoes, based on a comfortable protector, are striking in their outrageousness.

If you do not focus on the massive sole, then the sandals have a completely graceful top, the main feature of which – variety of colors. It is very important to emphasize that these shoes are the choice of girls who always want to be on top and attract the views of others, and at the same time do not want to feel tired in their legs. And all because of the wide sole! And what is more important, while walking, the option of twisting your leg is excluded.

The large tread increases stability while driving. It’s worth starting an inspection of fashionable novelties with the ASOS HARLINGTON trend, which this year was one of the first to delight fashionistas with leather sandals with grooved soles. The British brand DaisyStreet, which created collections for modern urban youth, presented itself no less worthily.

By the summer, they produced interesting models with a corrugated thick sole, a block heel and a round toe. The Glamorous brand is popular not only in Europe, but also far beyond its borders, thanks to its unique style in clothes and shoes. They could not ignore the fashion trend, and created women's sandals with tractor soles, white is the dominant color in them. Thanks to him, shoes can be successfully combined with clothes of any color.