Fashion trend - shoes with fur

Every year, fashion presents us with something old forgotten or completely new. Following the fashion chronicle, we observe the emergence of extravagant trends and original novelties that Hollywood celebrities are happy to try on. Some trends are quickly losing their relevance. Such as gladiator sandals, detachable collars, long pleated skirts, bandage dresses - remember them? And some - remain at the forefront of fashion for many seasons in a row. The latter should include the already sensational extravagant trend - shoes with fur.

For the first time, such shoes appeared last year - singer Rihanna, in collaboration with the Puma brand, created original fur slippers on a comfortable orthopedic sole. Almost at the same time, the Gucci brand released stylish leather slippers trimmed with fur (classic summer shoes). The latter caused a massive sensation - all fashionistas decided to try on the new trend. Spotted in sight: Kim Kardashian, sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid and many more...

Today, fur is present on almost all types of shoes: sandals, shoes, slippers, slip-ons, sneakers. Fur can be in the form of small decorative details - pompoms or completely cover the top of the shoe. As for the color, it can be monochrome (to match the shoes) or contrasting. In any case, the owner of such an original pair should have a great sense of humor, because not everyone around them perceives such experiments positively. 

Now designers are increasingly resorting to the use of natural, rather than artificial fur. It is false to think that such an original decor is not suitable for hot summer weather. Quite the contrary - it is perfectly breathable and allows your feet to breathe. Shoes with fur look beautiful with tight jeans, which visually stretches the legs and focuses on bright shoes. And for a change, such shoes can be worn with bright summer dresses. But before walking in a new fashionable pair with fur, you should check the weather forecast - such shoes are afraid of rain and puddles.