Fashion for hats

When your image does not fully satisfy you, it is worth adding bright accents. If a bag, bracelet and earrings did not help, you should pay attention to a long-forgotten accessory, which in the spring season – summer has found new life, it's a hat. At 70 – In the 80s, it was impossible to surprise anyone with a hat, both men and women wore them, and in modern times they have been unjustifiably forgotten. Thanks to the persistence of designers, hats have returned to the wardrobes of fashionistas. A variety of shapes, colors and styles are now very relevant. Still, it is worth figuring out what is less fashionable and what is simply not really stylish.
Panama is definitely in the ranking of the most popular summer hats.

Fashion brands advise you to find a natural panama hat in a delicate pastel color by the summer, this is both fashionable and practical. Also a fashionable and interesting option in the summer will be a hat – boater. This is a straw hat, natural or dyed in a bright atypical color.

Combine with wide trousers, shirts – tunics for a unique summer look. Soft hats with wide brim look the most interesting. Such hats help to quickly create a romantic, feminine, light bow. These hats look good in leather, suede or cotton. The main thing is wide falling fields that fall on the shoulders.

If the shape of your face does not allow you to wear oversized hats with huge brims, then pay attention to fashionable hats with medium brims and hard edges that can be folded up as you like and open your face.

Fashion accessory – a hat will not only make your summer look flawless, but also protect your head from the sun, and beautiful and practical, enjoy!