Fashion for handmade linen

To feel like a million, a woman needs to wear diamonds and furs, or hide chic lingerie under her clothes and spread self-confidence unknown to everyone. It is really important for a woman to wear beautiful lingerie. Have you noticed that putting on a chic set of new underwear changes your mood and even your gait? Yes, yes!

Little women's secrets can make a big difference in a woman's mood. Therefore, girls, remember, there is never too much underwear! Moreover, in 2015, underwear has become more delicate and seductive. In the summer – forget the spring period and cotton shorts, and pay special attention to the new summer trend – lace underwear.

You will say that this is nothing new, and you have been wearing lace under your dress for many years! Let me object! Delicate translucent, thin lace is in lingerie fashion. This linen is more decorative than functional.

Yes, such a bodice – the bra will not perfectly hold the chest, but your boyfriend will appreciate it for its tenderness, pleasantness and incredible sexuality. Believe me, and you will be deeply surprised by wearing underwear of this kind, because it is not actually felt on the body, it does not have hard bones and elastic bands that dig into the skin. Its main plus is freedom and imperceptibility on the body, as well as many color variations, and a guarantee that in such a set you will kindle a flame in any man.