Elie Saab - the genius of evening fashion

When it comes to female beauty, everyone understands perfectly well that one cannot do without a dress. A chic, feminine look is simply unimaginable without a dress. After all, just think, for all the most important events in your life, such as graduation, wedding, anniversaries, women always prefer dresses.
Who can better convey the subtlety and tenderness of female forms, if not a man? And Elie Saab managed to create something unimaginable, he managed to combine Western and Eastern motifs, and make a woman in his outfits sexy, but very restrained, as required by his Eastern culture.

Elie Saab is a Lebanese designer born in Beirut. The burden of creating women's outfits appeared in his childhood, he was happy to invent outfits for his sisters, and it should be noted that he did very well. According to the traditions of the East, there is a certain conservatism and a tribute to centuries-old traditions in the craftsmanship of cutting and sewing, design creativity and fashion shows are not welcome here.

So the young designer went to Paris. In the early 90s, real popularity came to him. The richest and most famous women wanted to dress with him, and he received orders from all over Europe. In 1997, he became a member of the Italian Fashion Council.

He became the first foreigner to be awarded this title. At the Alta Moda Week in Rome in the same year, the Elie Saab collection was shown, which caused wild delight and admiration of the public. The success was incredible. And a year later, Elie Saab's ready-to-wear clothing line was developed in Milan.

From that time on, everyone started talking about him, some liked him more, some less, but it was no longer realistic not to talk about him. Elli began to open his branded boutiques in the centers of world fashion. Many stars have become clients of the designer, as he uses chic expensive fabrics, precious stones, and can always find an individual approach to any client. Most of all in his collections of evening and wedding dresses. The designer admitted that this is what he likes to create more than anything.