Choosing shoes for the summer

This season, flat shoes are gaining more and more popularity, so well-known fashion houses are offering various options for slippers, slippers, sandals and sandals with might and main. After all, think about what you yourself would prefer on a hot summer day - high stilettos or slippers? The latter, by the way, can look very fashionable. Pay attention to the model from DOLCE & GABBANA, decorated with stones. 

Sandals are shoes worn by the ancient Romans. At that time, sandals were the shoes of peoples who lived exclusively in a warm climate. They were made of genuine leather and fastened on the leg with straps or laces. Another type of footwear resembles them - a sandalet (it differs in a closed toe and back). Today, both sandals with thin soles and brutally thick ones are in fashion. The former go well with delicate flying dresses, and the latter with denim shorts or linen trousers.

Birkenstocks are shoes from the category of "both stylish and useful". Orthopedic sandals, which were invented more than 100 years ago by the German shoemaker Konrad Birkenstock, have now filled all shoe collections: from Calvin Klein to Zara. Despite their rugged look, they go well with a variety of outfits, but are most suitable for everyday casual looks - for example, denim overalls or skinny trousers combined with a T-shirt.

Flip flops are the most popular shoes in the summer season. It looks best on the beach. Now there are many different models of flip flops. If you prefer a romantic style of clothing, then pick up flip flops with bows or flowers on the jumper - they will be beautifully combined with a swimsuit in the same style. Also, bright rubber flip-flops are ideal for the beach, but keep in mind that they are heavy and easily heat up in the sun. There are models of flip flops that hold only the thumb or each separately, also flip flops with additional straps, but choose those that will not cause discomfort to you - these are still shoes for relaxation.

With all the latest trends, don't rush to shop! First weigh all the pros and cons regarding fashion news. Choose something that will not gather dust in the closet and bring you maximum positive emotions this summer.