Chevron print, what to combine with

This is summer, the time of discoveries and fashionable experiments, the time of comfort and brightness. What is fashionable now is what a couple of years ago you would not even have thought of, but today we are happy to buy and wear it. The "peas" are still fresh in my memory, they were all skirts, dresses and sundresses, and today, the designers decided to focus on other geometric shapes.
Every day, the chevron print is becoming more and more popular, or in other words, it is a horizontal zigzag. The colors, shapes and combinations of this print are amazing! Clothing, shoes and of course accessories are filled with chevron print. If it seems to you that this is not for you, I suggest that you take a closer look at those things that look most interesting with this geometric element.

One of the boldest and brightest options for a summer wardrobe – This is a floor length dress with a black and white zigzag pattern. With such a dress, low-speed ballet flats of the same color, and not necessarily black or white, will look good. Be bold! Choose bright accents! Also, the bow can be supplemented with a denim or leather jacket. The image is good because it is very convenient and versatile, suitable for anyone. And no matter how many times a day your plans change, the image will still remain invariably stylish.

Choosing a tunic with a chevron print will accentuate your upper body. The image will acquire a certain coquetry and playfulness. Choose plain jeans or leggings for such a tunic or blouse. You should not choose a bright bottom with zigzags and a plain top, this will give the image unnecessary heaviness and visually increase the volume of the hips.

Chevron print accessories look elegant. Choose bags, scarves or shawls with bright zigzags, this will allow you to be on the fashion wave, but without busting.
Going to the beach, do not be afraid to give preference to a swimsuit with bright zigzags, complete the look with sharp zigzags manicure and you are guaranteed a lot of looks on the beach!


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