Body as an alternative to a blouse

Feminine, practical and incredibly comfortable item of women's wardrobe, bodysuit wins hearts for many years. Although it can be compared with a closed model of a swimsuit, with all its variety of styles, it is an everyday element of lingerie and even a whole outfit that can emphasize all the charms of a female figure.

Body appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century in France. Its predecessor was one-piece clothing for gymnasts, which consisted of a T-shirt and underpants and did not have a fastener in its lower part. Eminent designers, inspired by this wardrobe item of athletes, developed a line of women's bodysuits or "combidresses", which fastened with buttons in the groin area and resembled a one-piece swimsuit. The peak of bodysuit popularity fell on the 80s, in the era of popularization of fitness and sports. But a completely new meaning and use of the jumpsuit has acquired thanks to celebrities such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, J. Lo, who often wear bodysuits as a stage costume.

Modern – bodysuits are beautiful and sexy elements of women's underwear, which come in a variety of modifications: made in the form of T-shirts, T-shirts, turtlenecks, blouses, they can have sleeves or be without them, a high neck or  V- figurative neckline. They can be used in absolutely any situation, they fit with ordinary blouses, shirts, sweaters and sweaters, perfectly combined with classic models of trousers, jeans and skirts.

Why do girls love bodysuits so much? A distinctive feature of this wardrobe item is that it fits snugly enough to the body, stretches well, does not hinder movement, fits and emphasizes every curve of the female figure. In addition, the combidress – is an extremely comfortable thing in everyday wear, especially for those who appreciate comfort and a neat appearance. After all, a woman can feel confident in it, constantly move and change position, and at the same time not worry that someone will see her body, as is often the case with jeans with a low waist. In addition, a well-chosen bodysuit will make every woman's dream of a perfect waist come true. Therefore, wearing it under a dress of a tight silhouette, you can create a perfect figure for yourself, at least visually.

What can you combine a bodysuit with when creating a stylish look? The answer is simple: with almost all existing wardrobe items! All kinds of jeans, skirts, shorts, classic models, tight or wide trousers – all these clothes will be in perfect harmony with the bodysuit. But there are still a few basic rules:

  • A lace bodysuit cannot be worn as the main piece of clothing, only as an accessory. Therefore, it can be combined with a jacket, shirt, cardigan or sweater;
  • Body blouse goes well with wide clothing: flared pants, sun skirt, shorts, peplum skirt, etc. They will allow you to create a voluminous bottom and achieve symmetry of the figure;
  • Long sleeve turtleneck body suits best with a miniskirt, shorts or as an addition to a classic suit;
  • The nude bodysuit must be worn under the dress. This combination is suitable if you need to wear a sexy and very tight outfit, but there is no confidence in your figure. A nude bodysuit, if it is also corrective, will hide small flaws and will be almost invisible under the dress.

Forget your complexes and feel like a real goddess! Ensure an accentuated waist both during daily chores and during a romantic meeting with your loved one.

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