Bestseller in the fashion world - bomber jacket

The history of fashion knows several things that have become simply bestsellers. Without a doubt, these are, of course, jeans. Everyone loves them for their versatility, practicality and of course the fact that they never go out of style. But today, not about them. There is a thing that is close to jeans in popularity. This is a women's bomber jacket. Yes Yes! You might not know what it is called, but one hundred percent have seen it, worn it, or even have it in your wardrobe.

A bomber jacket is a short jacket with a zipper, with elastic inserts, elastic bands, with cuffs. The width of her gum, sewn to the bottom, is about twenty centimeters. Bomber – universal thing. For this she is appreciated. The women's bomber jacket does not have unambiguous rules for combining with certain things. By combining it with things of various styles and types, you can get an unusual look, just the one you need, depending on what the situation requires.

Now women's bombers have changed a bit, they are sewn not only from leather, but also from nylon, suede, jeans, you can even find models made of cotton. They can even be decorated with beads, rhinestones, embroidery, spikes, lace and rivets or fur. A classic and timeless pairing of two ever-popular pieces is the women's bomber jacket and jeans. And it practically does not matter what style the bottom will be.

Let it be a classic, or a high-waisted version, or fashionable boyfriend jeans, it doesn't matter! It is important that you feel comfortable. Yes, and you can safely choose the top at your discretion: T-shirts, T-shirts, shirts or blouses. At the same time, do not worry if you allowed a combination of different prints and colors in one image. So even more interesting!

Experiment! Wear a blue sweatshirt with a bright pattern under a colorful bomber jacket. There are no strict restrictions in shoes. It is quite possible to put on green sneakers, yellow ballet flats, red shoes or classic black boots – Chelsea.

The proof that the bomber jacket is still in trend is the massive appearance of this little thing in the collections of fashion designers. For example, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Victor & Rolf created leather bomber jackets with contrasting bright cuffs and buttons. Stella McCartney presented in her collection jackets made of lace, silk and porridge of the world, which resonated with girls who prefer a gentle, feminine style of clothing. Pinko designers also picked up the baton and created a lightweight version of the bomber jacket, made of mint-colored nylon, decorated with lace inserts and beautiful unusual embroidery on the back.