Bella Hadid style

Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss have long stepped aside. Now there is a radically new wave of super models on the catwalks of the world. The top most sought after include Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid. Who else doesn't know the Hadid sisters? It's about Bella - a burning brunette with incredible charisma!

No major advertising campaign or fashion shoot is complete without the participation of this super model. And the girl is now only 20 years old! The daughter of multimillionaire Mohamed Hadid got into the modeling business from the age of 14. Bella signed a contract with the famous modeling agency IMG. Since then, she began to appear on the pages of fashionable glossy publications, at shows of famous couturiers and in advertising videos of world brands.

As for the style of Bella Hadid, it is very diverse. The super model is not afraid of experiments. She combines incompatible things - for example, sweatpants with heels or a linen bodysuit with a sports jacket. For everyday outings, the girl most often uses jeans, comfortable sweaters, t-shirts and leather jackets. Bella does not like a lot of makeup - mascara or bright lipstick are the model's favorite cosmetics. The girl is also concise in choosing a hairstyle - a bun always helps her keep her hair in a collected form.

Bella dresses more elegantly at social events and red carpets. Long dresses on the floor with an extreme slit or spicy neckline, transparent outfits that barely cover interesting parts of the body - this is in the style of the model. Such images may seem too provocative, but Bella has long gained a reputation as a girl with a vulgar style of clothing. Well what can I say - the figure of a super model allows you to dress even the most “naked” outfits!

Nevertheless, Bella Hadid is considered a modern  it-girl - a girl who brings new trends into fashion. After all, as soon as the model goes out into the street in a new outfit, fans from all over the world immediately begin to repeat the style of the girl and this outfit becomes ultra-popular! Take, for example, pointed ankle boots with thick heels, sheer tops under voluminous jackets, baker boy caps, bell-bottoms, etc.