Basic wardrobe for women

From time to time in the life of every girl there comes a moment when she sadly notices that she has nothing to wear. With all this, it doesn’t matter at all that the closet is absolutely crammed with things, and nothing can fit there, and worst of all, that half of the clothes don’t even like it! It seems that someone else bought them, not you. All this happens because with the advent of each season, new trends are pouring into the fashion world, and it is they who make changes to your image. For example, you used to wear shoes with a round toe, and with the advent of spring, pumps with a long one came into fashion, you just bought yellow things, when marsala became fashionable, you fell in love with a polka dot print, and it changed to a strip… It will always be like this, because the world does not stand still. But there is a way out!

Everything is actually very simple. Enough to get a basic wardrobe. Basic wardrobe — this is your main outfit. On the basis of these things, the main ensembles and sets are compiled. It is with him that stylists recommend starting the correct construction of your wardrobe. Taking into account all the advice, compiling it competently and correctly, you will achieve harmony with things, and the problem of “what to wear?” will simply disappear for you. as such.

A blouse is a must. Ideal – two. One in the wash, the other in use. It is also best if one of them is white. You can’t do without a narrow pencil skirt, it lengthens the female figure and visually slims. This skirt can be combined with sweatshirts, blouses and jackets, adding medium height heels to them, you will get a discreet but elegant look. It is better to buy shoes with medium stiletto heels in two colors: black and beige (nude). They will fit perfectly into any look, and you will no longer have a question that the shoes do not match in color, because they are universal.

Also don't forget about ballerinas in a neutral color, because you don't always have to run in heels. Jeans are also a must. With the help of a pair of jeans, you can easily get a huge number of great stylish sets. They can be combined with ballerinas, sneakers and flats, as well as with heels — and create a more elegant look. A fitted jacket that fits well on your figure — an indispensable thing in the basic wardrobe.

It goes perfectly with everything in your closet. In combination with trousers or a skirt, it will look strict, but elegant - just what you need for office everyday life. Complete your list of must-haves with a little black dress. This is a classic, forever fashionable, and forever relevant. Black simple trousers, in fact, the same as the dress. Definitely needed. Of the accessories, a small black bag is really needed, but it is practical and stylish.
With this minimal set of things at your disposal, you can easily create the image you need by adding just a couple of details.